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How to play music in a Microsoft Teams meeting with RøDE Connect

Playing music in a Teams meeting is easy with a few quick steps. What we'll need to do is get a 'virtual microphone' set up on your device so you can use that in your meeting.

Install RøDE Connect

  • Download RØDE Connect from

    • You will need to enter your email address to download, but you can leave both checkboxes unchecked to not get any emails from the company.

  • Run the installer from your downloads location and click through the prompts to finish the install.

    • Some audio drivers will be installed as part of this process in order to give you the virtual microphones and outputs.

  • After the install is complete, launch RØDE Connect.

  • Click "Get Started" to begin the setup wizard.

  • You will likely not have any RØDE microphones connected to your computer, just click "Next".

  • Drag the Virtual channel from the bottom-right box to upper box #1. Click 'Next'.

  • Click 'Finish'.

Connect your music player to RØDE Connect's virtual input

  • Right-click on your speaker icon in your task tray and click "Open Sound Settings".

  • Scroll to the bottom of your sound settings and click "App volume and device preferences".

  • For your music player, click the first dropdown for 'Output' and select "Virtual Output (RØDE Connect)". In this example I am sending my Spotify output to the RØDE Connect software. ​​​​​​​

  • When you look at the RØDE Connect app, you should now see green bars indicating that the music is being heard by the app.

Turn on "Music Mode" in your Teams app settings

  • In your Teams app, click the "..." menu at the top and click "Settings".

  • In the "Devices" section, scroll about halfway down and turn on the switch for "High fidelity music mode". I also recommend checking the box for "Enable echo cancellation".

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Set your Teams microphone to "Stream Input (RØDE Connect)

  • In the meeting window, click the "..." more actions menu and click "Device Settings".

  • Set the dropdown for 'Microphone' to "Stream Input (RØDE Connect). You should now see purple bars indicating that the Teams meeting can hear the music.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Enable "Music Mode" in your meeting window

  • At the top of your Teams meeting window, click the "Music Note" icon to enable music mode for better sound quality.

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